8chan is a chan made by Frederick "Hotwheels" Brennan.


Hotwheels came up with the idea for an infinitly expanding imageboard while on shrooms.

8chan was originally hosted on, it had a small userbase with /waifuist/ being the most popular board.

/b/ was originally a text board and /v/ had to be resurected 3 times due to inactiveity.

#GamerGate and boost to popularity

When the mods on 4chan banned #GamerGate site-wide and VPNs site-wide most of the community reacted by moving to 8chan, with the most popular board being /b/, /v/, /gg/, and /pol/.

8chan now

8chan is the second most popular image board in the US now.

It also had to change it's URL to after trolls got the URL owners to take down

It's most popular boards are /v/, /pol/, /tech/, /co/, /a/, /furry/, /k/, /tv/, /leftypol/, /cuteboys/, /tg/, /christian/, /gamergatehq/, /r9k/, /monster/, /cow/, /hga/, /bane/, /fit/, /sp/, /wx/, /ggrevolt/, /pone/, /argentina/, and /animus/