Link: The Faces of Evil and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon are games released for the Philips CDI in 1993. Although the Zelda franchise belongs to Nintendo, these games were developed by Philips. Both are generally the same, except with minor differences here and there.


The Zelda CDI games have received an extremely large amount of negative reception for a lot of reasons. And by a lot, we mean a fucking billion reasons. The poorly animated cutscenes (which are used frequently in Youtube Poops), the stage design, and the controls. Despite there being THREE buttons on the CDI controller, most of the actions of the game use only the TWO buttons. This results in an extremely confusing control scheme, such as having to crouch to open the menu, pressing up on the D-Pad to jump, and many, many other problems.
ALL Wand of Gamelon Cutscenes08:46

ALL Wand of Gamelon Cutscenes

All Link The Faces of Evil Cutscenes07:25

All Link The Faces of Evil Cutscenes

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