• I live in im dick 900000000000 meters long
  • My occupation is shoving dicks up arses
  • I am mishovy silentosi
  • RikiIsBestestHeropon

    ↓ The list of rules ↓

    Spam means text just to annoy chat users or flood chat. 

    What counts as spam:

    1: If you post more than 6 lines without it meaning anything important like an explanation of something. 

    2: If you post meaningless stuff like extracts from a wikipedia article it counts as spam.

    3: If you post the same thing 3 times it counts as spam.

    4: “Zalgo text”(weird text that makes artefacts upwards and downwards) counts as spam. 

    5: Over 3 lines of emotes count as spam. 2 or more lines of the emotes known as Rainbowfrog, Rainbow alpaca, Or rainbow gir will result in a kick.

    6: Spamming AFK will result in a kick.

    Spam will result in a kick. 

    Repeatedly spamming will result in a 2 hour ban. 

    No posting disturbing images or malware/spyware/adwar…

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