Da Rulez

↓ The list of rules ↓

Rule 1 

Spam means text just to annoy chat users or flood chat. 

What counts as spam:

1: If you post more than 6 lines without it meaning anything important like an explanation of something. 

2: If you post meaningless stuff like extracts from a wikipedia article it counts as spam.

3: If you post the same thing 3 times it counts as spam.

4: “Zalgo text”(weird text that makes artefacts upwards and downwards) counts as spam. 

5: Over 3 lines of emotes count as spam. 2 or more lines of the emotes known as Rainbowfrog, Rainbow alpaca, Or rainbow gir will result in a kick.

6: Spamming AFK will result in a kick.

Spam will result in a kick. 

Repeatedly spamming will result in a 2 hour ban. 

Rule 2 

No posting disturbing images or malware/spyware/adware on chat. Disturbing Images are any images with,pornography, vore, scat and/or gore. 

For more info what counts as malware/spyware/adware see , and

Breaking this rule will result in a 1 week ban.

Rule 3 

If you say any words which are against the wikia's ToU will result in kick.

If you break this rule repeatedly it will result in a 2 hour ban

Rule 4 

If you use another account to access chat while banned your ban will be extended and the alternative account will be banned. 

Rule 5 

Please do not log or screenshot chat and post it publicly unless it's to report a rule violation. 

Rule 6 

Please do not purposefully annoy a user, partake in arguments with other user(s)or start drama on chat. 

What counts as drama: 

1: Starting or partaking in rumours about a user. 

2: Raiding another wiki. 

Rule 7 

Please don't post spoilers in chat, posting spoilers will result in a kick, spamming spoilers will result in a 2 hour ban. 

Rule 8 

Insulting another user will result in kick, if done repeatedly it will result in a 2 hour ban. Please note insulting is not the same as criticism, insulting counts as saying something to another user like “you suck” without reason, criticizing a user's behaviour for example “You are acting a little rude” is allowed. 

Rule 9 

Please do not ask for personal information from other users (addresses, passwords, emails, phone numbers, credit card details, etc), or reveal said information. This will result in a 3 month ban. 

Rule 10 

Any threat on a user's life or users's lives will result in a 1 day ban unless you specify in the message that it is a joke.

Extra Notes

If you get kicked 3 times it will result in a 1 day ban unless otherwise specified in the rule that you broke. If you get banned 20 times you will be blocked for a year.


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