Vine Memes are memes that originated from vines. Some vine memes have come extremely popular all over the internet.


What are THOSE!?

What Are Those Police officer + Shoes.

The What are THOSE!? meme is from a Vine that was uploaded June 2015 in which the Vine user filmed a police officer, focusing on the officer’s shoes, he questioned his shoe choice by screaming “What are THOOOOOSSSEEE!!?!?” at him. This meme has gone viral and is still used today.

Deez Nutz Meme

Deez Nutz is a meme that originated on the Six Second Video Service, Vine. It involves calling a phone call with a setup like "A package came in the mail for you" Often ending with "DEEZ NUTZ" and "HA, GOT EEEMM!"

John Cena Meme

John Cena is a meme that was originated, and used often on Vine. It's also known as "John Cena out of nowhere." It usually consists of someone making a statement, and then someone else saying "That's what the Undertaker said to John Cena!"